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INTRODUCTORY PRICE - NEW - Mega-Twix dual flavour cartomizer.
Try today at the very best price, we really want you to try this cartomizer!

The mega-twix uses 2 separate pods which hold.. you guessed it....2 different liquids. Once you begin vaping, the 2 liquids fuse together creating a lovely mix of your favourite flavours.

We tried chocolate and cherry (Cherry in the top pod and Chocolate in the top pod) and the results were amazing!

Price is inclusive of VAT.
Price: £8.29
Choose cartomizer colour:
Spare atomizers - Mega-Twix (Pack of x6).
Replacement atomizers in a box of x6.

Keep your Mega-twix firing up with a neat box of 6 atomizers.

Inclusive of VAT.
Price: £10.29
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VIVI Nova cartomizer box set.
The VIVI Nova is well respected for its long life and excellent performance. Also with a large 2.8ml capacity it holds loads of your favourite e juice.

Box set includes:

x2 Spare atomizer wicks.

x1 Main Vivi tank.. (including x1 wick inside).

x1 Gift box.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £8.99 £7.99
VIVI Nova replacement wicks.
Grab a few replacement VIVI Nova wicks to keep you vaping.

*Contains x5 Vivi wicks.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £9.99
The new VIVI uses a replaceable atomizer wick for ease and convenience.

Designed for the more experienced vaper it provides one of the best taste sensations from e liquids we've tried so far.

*Standard ohm.

* Replaceable wicks.

* Excellent taste from E liquids.

* Stylish design.

*Large capacity pod.

*510 Fitment.

(Wicks sold separately, but product contains x1 wick in kit).


Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £4.99
PERMENENT OFFER - 510 - Vision 'Redux' version + x1 spare atomizer
The new Redux is an alternative to the much loved vision cartomizers. This system works in the same way, however you can now conveniently replace the atomizer yourself instead of buying the whole unit. This essentially means the pod holding the E liquid can be re-used multipul times, and the only thing you'll need once purchased is the atomizers sold below.

Price inclusive of VAT

Price: £7.49
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OUR "BEAT THAT PRICE" - x5 pack - Vision 'Redux' Replacement atomizers.
These little fella's pack such a decent punch and work so well with the Redux cartomizers.

This product is used to replace dead atomizers in the vision redux and have an excellent life-span.

Price inclusive of VAT

Price: £8.99
Original Ego-C Complete atomizer (Full spec)
The excellent and much loved EGO-C in its complete form.

All thats needed to keep vaping is the atomizer heads (sold below) and the plastic tanks (product code - 011) to hold your E liquid.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £4.99
x5 Pack Empty plastic tanks (011)
Replacement tanks for the Ego-C atomizer and the Ego-T atomizer.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £4.99
x1 Original (510) EGO-T Atomizer
The Ego-T atomizer introduced after many requests.

*Standard ohm
*In sleek black.
*Excellent performance

Euro weight 12g

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £5.99
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CLEARANCE PRICE - x5 Pack of Apollo atomizers
A tried and tested winner that fits into our E2 pods.

*Fits into Apollo pods which we no longer stock - Hence the clearance discount.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £6.99
x5 pack - LR Boge XL cartomizers.
The much loved Boge cartomizers.

This cartomizer fits onto any 510 battery and has been the workhorse cartomizer for many years. A simple and effective cartomizer which performs amazingly well time and time again.

* XL 1.6ml capacity.
* 510 fitment.
* In sleek black.
* Economical vaping.
* 2 ohm Low resistance.

(Euro weight 31g)
Warranty cover D.O.A

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £7.99
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x1 LR Boge XL Cartomizers (2 ohm).
Same great product as above.

* XL 1.6ml capacity.
* 510 fitment.
* LR 2.ohm.
* In black.

Euro weight (6g)
Warranty covers D.O.A.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £1.99
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SALE PRICE - x5 Pack 'keep you vaping' Vision REDUX box
x5 of our favourite cartomizers with a multi-buy price tag.

A tried and tested cartomizer with great performance and replaceable atomizers for constant vaping.

(Euro weight 60gram).
Warranty covers D.O.A.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £24.99
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1mm or 1.5mm DCT "Juice Barrel" replacement Cartomizers
Now available in 2 varieties (info below).

*Low resisitance (1.5ohm) - Basically meaning, more bang for your buck!

*Flanged for good fit in "Juice barrel" pod.

*Duel coil system.

*Last much longer than the average cartomizer!

*Excellent quality, visible on inspection!

*Economical vaping (very cost-effective).

1mm or 1.5mm E liquid feed hole.

Warranty covers D.O.A.
(Euro product weight: 8g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £2.34
Choose size of feed hole::
  DCT information >>Click here
x5 pack in 1mm or 1.5mm DCT Replacement "Juice barrel" cartomizers.
These amazing cartomizers are now available in packs of x5, allowing you to "stock up" whilst saving on a few precious pennies.

* Low resistance vaping meaning more bang for your buck.
* A proven winner with long-life, fantastic flavour and affordability! The future is here folks!

For use with "Juice Barrels" only!

* Inexpensive and Rapid UK Delivery.
* Free 2ml Filling syringe.

Warranty covers D.O.A
(Euro product weight: 43g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £11.49
Choose feed hole size:
New x5 SMOK-Tech "Quick-fire" Duel coil cartomizers.

Pack of x5 included.


*Fantastic vapour.
*Great flavour.
*LR (Low resistance 1.5 omh). Meaning more vapour.
*Economical vaping.
*1.6ml E liquid capacity.
*510 or 901 fitment with simple adaptor (sold seperately).
*Saves buying silly priced pre-filled carto's. Simply top up and vape!

* Inexpensive and Rapid UK delivery.
Free 2ml syringe.

Warranty covers D.O.A.
(Euro product weight: 38g).
Price: £8.25
Choose Stainless or sleek black:
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x1 "Singles" SMOK-Tech "Quick-Fire" Duel coil cartomizers
Now available in singles!

A cartomizer made by world renowned vaping specialist: 'Smok-tech'.

Amazing performance.
Excellent life-span.
Fits 510 or even 901 with simple adaptor.
Great flavour.
Fantastic quality.
Saves buying expensive pre-filled carts.

Warranty covers D.O.A.
(Euro product weight: 7g).
Price: £1.89
Echomizer Duel coil Cartomizer for 510 & 901 battery
*Produces more vapour.
*2 coils instead of the usual 1.
*Enhanced flavour.
*Holds 3ml of E juice.
*Last a decent amount of time.
*Fits on to normal 901 & 510 electric cigarettes.
*Low-cost + enjoyable Vaping.

Warrant covers D.O.A
(Euro product weight: 9g)
Price: £3.99
Fitment type::
Bundle x4 pack "Echomizers.
Enjoy your "Echomizers" in a value bundle pack, whilst also saving you a pretty penny compared to buying alone.


Warrant covers D.O.A.
(Euro weight 36g)
Price: £13.99
510 or 901 Fitment type:
901 battery Adaptor
Screws into your 901 battery, allowing a 510 atomizer to fit on easily.
Price: £2.45
510 battery Adaptor
Allows a 901 atomizer to fit directly into a 510 battery thread.

(Euro product weight: 3g).
Price: £2.45
*NEW (Duel coil) - 510 Atomizers
The workhorse 510 atomizer BUT NOW IN DUEL COIL!.

*2.3 ohm.

*Unbeatable taste with these Atomizers.

*Long-life, low-cost, perfect.

Rapid UK Delivery.

Warrant is D.O.A only.
(Euro product weight: 7g).
Price: £4.38
x5 Pack 510 atomizer cartridges with foam.
x5 Fresh carts to place on your atomizers. Includes non-fiberous and highly absorbent foam.

(Euro product weight: 10g)
Price: £2.49
901 Atomizer - Temp out of stock
Long life atomizer for 901 batteries.The trusty 901 has proved its worth time and again.

Unbeatable taste and long-life.

Standard 2.3 (ohm).

Rapid UK Delivery.

Warrant is D.O.A only
(Euro product weight: 7g).
Price: £3.89
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