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Hangsen vaping kit (900mah)
An excellent e cigarette kit made by the king of e cigarettes " Hangsen". This kit is both compact and stylish and built to last. Not like the usual rubbish sold on the "unknowable" high-street.

Kit contains everything needed to vape right out of the box. (except e liquid).

x1 900 mah High-power battery.
x1 USB charger.
x1 Vision cartomizer.
x1 Gift box
x1 Full instructions.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £17.99
Apollo Rocket 1100mah kit
A High power kit with excellent performance and stunning looks.

The kit comes complete with everything needed to get vaping straight away and uses the tried and tested "Redux cartomizers" which is just simply outstanding for performance and life-span.

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £72.99
Apollo Rocket 650mah (Silver)
The same great kit as above but with a more compact battery and sleeker looks.

This kit (same as above) now use the improved "Redux" Rocket pod and is simply the business!

Kit includes:

x2 650mah batteries.
x2 Redux Rocket carts.
x4 Spare atomizers.
x1 Dropper bottle.
x1 USB+Wall chargers.
x1 Ego carry case.
x1 Instruction leaflet.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £67.99
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Original 'Ego-C' 1100mah.
The Ego-C is available in both a black and stainless steel Finish.

This kit uses a well-proven and unique system. The tanks are well established in the vaping world, but the atomizers inside them are replaceable, meaning economical vaping is guaranteed.

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £62.99
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New version Variable-Volt 1100mah kit.
Our latest and greatest variable-volt kits with awesome power and great looks. The batteries are high power and come with a LED battery indicator and 5 click voltage alternation system. The tanks are standard issue and available from V-Zone for economical and enjoyable VV vaping.

Kit includes:

x2 Variable volt 1100mah batteries.
x2 Standard issue tanks.
x5 Spare Tanks.
x1 USB+Wall charger.
x1 Instruction manual.
x1 Ego gift box.

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £59.99
High power 'Ciggie-like' kit. (In Manual or Automatic)
Sourced for their reliability and performance, these small and powerful 510 e cigarettes are a great way to enjoy vaping in a style that resembles smoking. Because they use the popular 510 connection, the choice of cartomizers and atomizers is vast and very adaptable.

Enjoy in the Automatic version for ease of use, or the manual model for more user control.

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £39.99
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