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  Mixing your own great tasting Fruit, Forbidden and Tobacco DIY E liquids has many appealing qualities and ultimately gives you more control over your vaping needs, like personal flavour strength, the amount made, the nicotine strength and the lower costs involved with DIY E liquid mixing. To mix your own great tasting E liquid or E juice your going to need some E liquid mixing supplies. That's why VapourZone carry all the essentials, including Tobacco, Forbidden and Fruit concentrates, base liquids (PG/VG), dropper bottles, Pipettes, mixing/measuring syringes, DIY E liquid kits and finally either 
40mg, 52mg, 57mg or our 70mg nicotine liquid. This is all you will ever need to make great tasting E liquids. Happy Mixing and have fun.
E liquid Mixing Supplies
Fruit - Forbidden - Tobacco concentrates - Nicotine liquid - Mix Kits 
All at Great prices! 
E liquid mixing guides, now free with orders over £25.00 or included in every VapourZone DIY mixing kit.
Free> DIY E liquid Mixing manual when spending
over £25.00 on DIY mix items, or now included in all our
E liquid mixing kits.
500ml - XS70 "Home stock box"

A super saver bundle deal that provides a hefty discount for stocking up in bulk.

SAVING: £25.00
(Limited offer)

*70mg Nicotine liquid.
*USP Grade.
*500ml in total.
*Available in PG or VG base.

Box Includes:

x1 10ml syringe
x1 Mixing manual
x1 Duty of care leaflet


Not to be used in its pure form. This liquid is intended to be diluted with PG/VG and flavouring only.

Euro weight (800g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £89.99
Choose mixture base:
250ml XS70 (70mg) Nicotine liquid


High quality nicotine liquid that is very potent at 70mg..

Designed to be mixed with PG, VG and flavouring for making your own awesome e liquid creations.

Plus: Free mix manual with every package.

* USP Grade liquid.
* Duty of care leaflet provided
* Free 10ml syringe.

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £54.99
Choose mixture option::
10ml Menthol concentrate/Flavouring.
At last the very best menthol has arrived. This flavouring is high potency meaning more flavour for your pound.

This is the 10ml version, 15ml is available below.

Euro shipping weight: (14g)

Price inclusive of VAT.
Price: £5.99
15ml Menthol concentrate/Flavouring
Same product as above but in a larger and slightly more cost effective format.

Very potent and the best menthol to date.

Euro weight (21g).

Price inclusive of VAT.
Price: £8.49
15ml Intense Fruit concentrates
Make delicious DIY Fruit Flavoured E liquid with our potent concentrates.

The flavour and quality rules supreme and is the same stuff that goes into our pre-mixed E liquid.
(Only 4-15% needed only)
(Euro Product Weight 21g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £7.19
x2 Fruit and Forbidden concentrates "Value Bundle" Pack.
Save a few pennies by buying our x2 bundle concentrates pack.

Choose any x2 15ml Fruit or Forbidden concentrates.

Simply add your x2 choices below.

(Euro Product weight 66g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £13.78
1st Flavour :
2nd Flavour:
V-Zone 10ml intense Tobacco Flavouring/Concentrate.
Make your own tobacco E liquid with real Tobacco extracts. This is a delicious and realistic tobacco
flavouring that puts other concentrates to shame in terms of quality and flavour.
(15-25% required -Depending on individual tastes)

(Euro weight 14g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £5.99
Tobacco Flavour::
15ml Forbidden "sweet" Flavouring
Mix some delicious E liquid with our extravagant range of
delicious and best quality E liquid flavouring. (4-15% needed depending on flavour)

(Euro weight 23g)

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £7.19
Forbidden Concentrate Information
AWAITING STOCK - DIY Tobacco Flavour E liquid Kits
x1 PG (36mg nicotine) 20ml.
x1 VG (0mg) 20ml.
x2 Empty 5ml safety botles.
x1 10ml Intense (Real Tobocco extract) Tobacco Flavouring or Fruit Flavouring.
Full instructions included.

Make delicious DIY E liquid easily and with everything you'll need included.

(Euro product weight 98g)
Price: £12.05
Choose fruit of Tobacco flavouring::
Complete D.I.Y Mixing Kit. (Saving £6.69)
Full D.I.Y E liquid Mixing Set.
Kit includes:


x1 100ml PG (Propylene Glycol)
x1 10ml Mixing Syringe
x1 52mg Nicotine liquid (110ml).
x6 Sterile wipes.
x1 30ml dropper bottle.
x1 20ml dropper bottle.
x1 10ml dropper bottle.
x3 Pack of Pipettes.
x1 Nitrate gloves.
x2 D.I.Y concentrates (Fruit, Forbidden and tobacco flavouring).

Everything you need to mix your own delicious E liquids.

(Choose any tobacco and Fruit concentrate with your kit).

(Total product weight: 399g)

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £43.19
Fruit and Indulgent Concentrates:
Tobacco concentrates:
  Full E liquid Mixing Kit Info
110ml - (40mg) V-Zone Nicotine liquid (PG or VG Base)
Mixing made easy with excellent quality Nicotine liquid.

PG or VG Available.

Very economical.
Aquired from quality supplier.
Make large batches of DIY E juice.

(Euro Product weight: 118g)

Price is inclusive of VAT
Price: £20.75
Choose Base mixture.:
110ml - (52mg) V-Zone Nicotine liquid (PG or VG)
A quality sourced Nicotine liquid for D.I.Y E liquid mixing.

*More potent.
*Excellent value.
*In child-proof bottles.
*Full label description.

Euro weight (118g)

Price is inclusive of VAT

(Euro Product weight: 118g)
Price: £26.99
Choose Base mixture:
110ml 'XS-Gold-70' A high strength 70mg nicotine liquid.
Fantasic price with the highest quality as standard.

* Excellent quality
* Available in both PG and VG.
* Our Maximum strength nicotine
* Extreamly economical.
* Child-proof caps as standard.
* Fully chip compliant.

Always wear gloves when handling nicotine, regardles of strength.

(Euro weight 118g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £34.79
Choose base mixture:
(220ml) MEGA-BUCKET-BUNDLE "Pure-Gold" 57mg Nicotine liquid PG or VG (220ml)
PLUS: FREE x3 Pipette Pack.


A new formula that gives more!

* Supplied in PG or VG base.
* Best quality Nicotine.
* Excellent quality.
* A more potent formula.
* Fully child-proof containers.
* Fully labelled and chip- compliant.

Free Measuring syringe.

(Euro product weight: 118mg)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £56.42
Choose Base mixture:
100ml of 57mg "Pure-Gold" liquid nicotine.
Same product as above but in a single bottle offer.

* Fully chip compliant labelling
* Excellent quality liquid.
* Very economical
*A firm favourite for DIY mixers.

FREE pippette or measuring syringe.

(Always wear gloves when handling nicotine)

(Euro weight 118g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £31.19
Base mixture choice:
V-Zone "Mini-Shot" 50ml Nicotine liquid (52mg)
A more compact offering of our high-strength liquid nicotine.

An ideal first time-trial bottle.

Excellent Quality liquid from reputable supplier.

(Euro product weight: 65g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £13.79
Choose Base mixture:
  Nicotine liquid Information
"Essential Box" E liquid Mixing set.
Just the basics: Saving over £2.00 compared to
buying alone!

x3 Fruit or Forbidden-concentrates.

x1 52mg V-Zone "Crystal clear" Nicotine liquid (110ml).

Simply add x3 flavours to payment comments box.

(Euro product weight: 181g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £42.55
Fruits and Forbiddens.:
Unique selection:
Compact mix kit (NOW WITH 10ML SYRINGE)
VapourZones Full E liquid mix kit includes:

x1 Mix Instruction Manual.
x1 30ml (VG) Vegetable Glycerine.
x1 30ml (PG) Propylene Glycol.
x2 20ml Dropper bottles.
x1 30ml "52mg" Nicotine liquid.
x3 Pack of mixing pipettes.
x1 10ml Mixing/Measuring syringe.
x1 Latex Gloves.
x6 Sterile wipes.
x1 10ml Fruit or Tobacco flavouring.

(Euro product weight: 205g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £22.79
Pick your Fruit, Forbidden or Tobacco flavouring::
X2 pairs "Protective Gloves"
When dealing with nicotine liquid it's a good idea to use protective gloves to prevent irritation.

(Euro Product weight: 24g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £0.54
x10 Sterile wipes
Keep sticky E liquid away from batteries and equipment, with these one-use sterile wipes. Also good for when mixing nicotine liquid.

(Euro product weight 15g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £1.99
  Free: Mix manual with all mixing orders over £20.00
10ml E liquid dropper bottle
For storing your great tasting E liquids. The highest quality available with child-proof caps.

(Euro product weight: 7g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £0.54
20ml E liquid Dropper Bottles.
Excellent quality bottles and all with Child-proof caps included.

(Euro product weight: 8g).

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £0.60
30ml E liquid dropper bottles.
Store your fabulous E liquids in a quality dropper bottle.

Child-proof caps included.

Purchase with other items to make economical sense.

(Euro product weight: 9g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £0.65
Mixers E liquid "Bottle Bumper-Pack"
Full spectrum of E liquid sized bottles for mixing, storing, moving and applying E liquids. No pop bottle quality plastics here, all bottles are thick-construction plastic for longevity and secure holding of various liquids.
Includes 4 size bottles:

x1 10ml dropper bottle
x1 20ml dropper bottle
x1 30ml dropper bottle
x1 King-size 110ml bottle.

All include child-proof caps except the 110ml storage bottle. (Child-proof caps available on request via email).

(Euro product weight: 39g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £2.93
200ml Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Add to your E juice for thickness, sweetness and more vapour. Every vaping stock-cupboard needs some VG.

(Euro product weight: 382g).

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £5.99
100ml Propylene Glycol. (PG) (Food Grade)
British Pharmaceutical grade (B.P) Make great tasting and low-cost DIY E liquid for your electric cigarette.

* The best quality.
* Made in the UK.
* The main ingredient needed to make E liquid.
* Food grade.

(Euro product weight: 118g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £5.99
  Essential E liquid Mixing and Measuring supplies
E liquid Pipette Pack x3 - (3ml) Capacity
High quality medical grade E liquid pipettes. Essential for the moving of E liquids from bottle to bottle with more speed than Syringes which are primarly used for measuring.

(Euro product weight: 4g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £1.07
2ml Filling & Mixing syringe
V-Zone essential E liquid mixing supplies brings you our filling and mixing syringes. There main
job is to measure exact amounts of Nicotine liquid and PG/VG etc.

(Euro product weight: 5g)

Price inclusive of VAT
Price: £0.89
New to Vaping? Do you want to mix your own E liquid
but dont quite know how? If so, Click below:
 DIY E liquid Recipe Section
  VapourZone is an official Hangsen E liquid supplier, and we
consider this E liquid to be the best in the world.