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All our tobacco flavouring, Fruit and Forbidden E liquid concentrates, Hangsen E liquid and all other vaping items are strictly not sold to under 18's.No under 18's allowed to purchase tobacco E liquid, e cigarettes, E liquid concentrates, nicotine liquid or any other product from VapourZones vaping range.Reviews from Customers of VapourZone
Customer’s Name: Barry.J.
From: Cambridgeshire.
Age: 36
VapourZone's Desert ship Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Desert Ship
"Desert Ship is a new favourite of mine for sure. It has a ravenous smell about it, much like Fresh biscuits. As a tobacco e juice, you would imagine a sweet type of smell to not go down well, but not at all, this smell doesn’t quite relate or reflect on what the flavour’s actually like, which is a pleasant surprise. The taste or flavour is moderately mild with hints of caramel (very slight) with a savoury type undertone. Not at all strong or sickly like other makes I’ve had, but enough of a flavour to feel you've vaped a decent tobacco type juice. No hints of Smokey flavour, no fake woody tones, just a nice savoury type vape with a very smooth finish on exhale. Vapour production is good and the juice seems very good quality. Great price too and killer TH at 26mg, thumbs definitely up on this e juice".
  Customer Name: Peter Corby
From: Fife
Age: Un-known
VapourZone's Flue-cured Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Flue-cured e liquid from vapourzone is one of the best tobacco vapes ive probably ever tried. After trying loads of different brands i kind of gave up looking for the perfect vape, but now ive found it for sure. The flavour is moderatly strong, tasting so great i couldn't change to my evening vape for 2 weeks, that's how much i enjoyed this juice. A 10/10 for sure.
  Customer Name: Paul Barnes
From: Sutton
Age: 30
VapourZone's Flue-cured Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Let me start by saying that for £7.99 for 30ml struck me as a real bargain and made my decision to purchase from vapourzone an easy choice. So let me now tell you what i genuinly thought of this Hangsen e liquid. Rich is a word that describes this juice well, rich and flavoursome. It almost has a dark and heavily savoury tone, almost like a dark ale. As a tobacco flavour i would say it doesnt remind me of any brand like other reviews have stated on this site. I found it to be a very addictive flavour, to the point where i was vaping it morning and night. Usaully i swap my liquids mid-day and i use 4 different atties, but i even started adding this juice to others to see if i could enhance my other liquids. Vapour was ok, not as strong as some flu-cured ive had, but still had enough to please. To sum up, this e liquid is very enjoyable, very rich and dark! Cant really explain it more than this, but its quite complex in flavour and hard to compare with any other taste. I think most tobacco lovers would enjoy this flu-cured juice, but with taste been so varied, all i can say is give it a try, i liked it, so did my friend, who doesnt vape but smokes rollies.I give vapourzones flue-cured a 9.2 out of 10, and i would be prepared to buy more in the future.
  Customer Name: Jackie Dremson
From: Oxfordshire
Age: 49
VapourZone's Silky blend Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Silky Blend
Vapourzone's Silky e liquid is a very tasty juice. The vape is smoother than some others ive tried from vapourzone and could also be described as mild. The flavour is very much an accurate tobacco replica and strangly is reminiscent of silk cut cigarettes. That is what i presume this e liquid is supposed to replicate, and i would say it does a really good job of it, well done hangsen. Vapour was astonashing when used in my standard atty, also purchased from Andie at vapourzone. To end the review, i would highly recomment this e juice to anyone wishing for a smooth, mild and great tasting tobacco vape. I was asked for a score out of 10, so silky e liquid from vapourzone i give a 9 and half out of 10.
  Customer Name: Ricky Grimes
From: Unkown
Age: Unkown
VapourZone's USA Tobacco E liquid Reviews
USA mix has an accurate tobacco flavour.Used it in two devices, first in my Ego and later in my provari. In both the liquid tasted nice, gave good vapour and hit my throat hard with a 26mg mix. If i can say one drawback to this juice it would be that i would like it in 34mg. I'm aware hangsen dont go up to 34mg so i'll just have to suck it up, and is in no way a gripe with this vendor. The USA mix has a mellow texture with an almost metallic after-taste, not unpleasent you understand just an observation.I could also compare this e liquid to a brand of faggs i had in israel, dont recall what brand but this comment alone tells me it was an accurate tobacco taste. I see lots of positive reviews on here and im afraid this is another, nice e liquid. 8/10.
  Customer Name: Stephan. R.
From: Coventry.
Age: 24
VapourZone's French pipe Tobacco E liquid Reviews
French Pipe
"A little worried when i first ordered, could of imagined an old man’s dirty pipe smell and taste. Not as i thought though, vaping it in the day i found it to have sweet smell and light pink colour to the liquid. Very good tobacco taste, like a sweet Moroccan tobacco i had years ago round a mates house. Not sweet as in fruit or surgery sweet but has an almost almond sweet flavour. Hard to explain, but a really good pipe flavoured e liquid, without that old man, strong flavour that is overwhelming to me. Vapour is great for pure PG and I’m happy with that. I’m impressed".
  Customer Name: Adam Lowe
From: Edinburgh
Age: 45
VapourZone's French pipe Tobacco E liquid Reviews
French Pipe
"Hi Andy i really enjoyed the Pipe e liquid i purchased last week, wednesday to be precise. It took me back to my school days and i still cant put my finger on what it is i like so much, anyway thanks it is great".
  More Reviews as we get them!
  Customers Name: Robert
From: Portsmouth
 VapourZone's RY4 Tobacco E liquid Reviews
"I've tried a few RY4's now, and every time i seem to be drawn back to Hangsens e liquids. To sum up, it has a mild caramel flavour, as is the norm with the RY4 selections out there. It has a wonderful smell, almost like Maple syrup, but this does not register in the overall flavour (thank god). To smell maple syrup - fine, to vape it - not so fine, but for me this wasn't an issue, as the taste did not resemble the maple syrup it smelled like. Been saving it for the evenings and for the occastional vape at the hospital i work at. It's funny because my co-workers said they could smell caramel on me when i went back in, but with my ex-smoker lack of smell and taste this simply didn't register with me. TH - Brilliant, Flavour - Divine + not overpowering like some RY4's. All in all, vapourzones RY4 is one of my favourite RY4's i've tried, and i will defo be coming back".
  Customer Name: Laura penny
From: Cambridgeshire
Age: 25
VapourZone's RY3 Tobacco E liquid Reviews
RY3 was something i never really looked at before. My taste is mainly for fruits (strangely) but this i had to try because of the great price and good customer service i had heard about from this company through a freind who ordered an e cig and was very pleased. Anyway the Ry3 was mildly sweet and had a smooth texture on inhaling with plenty of vaper on the release. Hints of caramel were noticed and i could see myself vaping this all day long. It is just so refined and honed, unlike other makes ive tried. You just cant seem to put this e liquid down, its so addictive! Out of 100, not ten because i dont feel this gives accuracy, so out of 100 i score vapourzones RY3 at 97/100. Its that good!
  Customer Name: Martin
From: UK Vapers Forum.
Age: Unknown.
VapourZone's forbidden E liquid Reviews
Chocolate Caramel
"Hi Andy, i'm enjoying your chocolate caramel now - Quite like Nutella actually, and very pleasant"
I bought this e liquid after browsing Vapourzone's website for a while, i'd heard about the site through the UK Vapers forum, and thought it was worth a look. The liquid is from the intriguingly named forbidden range, and with the very reasonable prices on offer, plus free delivery, i just couldn't resist.
I quite enjoy sweet caramel flavours, so i opted for 30ml's of chocolate caramel in 26mg strength and it arrived just 2 days later. The bottle revealed it was a hangsen mix, in an attractive clear container with an orange child-proof cap. On opening the bottle there was a very distinctive aroma of chocolate and peanuts, and i quickly tried it out on a Boge LR cartomizer on a SD Mark ll, and later on a 1100mah Ego. At first i found the e liquid a little harsh and overpowering, so decided to let it steep for 1 day with the lid off. Once i returned it had mellowed significantly and now produced a lovely smooth, almost creamy flavour. The creaminess extended the sensation of the vapour in my mouth, which felt thick and luxorious.The taste is definetly chocolately with a distinct nutty flavour. If i could compare it to anything in particular, i'd say it tasted of Nutella or Ferro rocher. In conclusion it was very pleasant indeed, almost decadent, and is a perfect after dinner vape.
The vapour was excellent, very thick plooms are apperant with very little effort needed on the inhale. Also great throat hit, and i had to be sure not to inhale too sharply.
After being slightly unsure at first, and having left it for a short steeping time, i was left with a superb e liquid. It was sweet, flavoursome and rich, and more than enough to satify me. Whilst i'd only vape this for an occasional treat, i'll be definetly coming back for more of VapourZones well priced and excellent Hangsen e liquids.
All the best, Martin.
  Customer Name: Big J.
Age: 40+
From: Luton.
VapourZone's Fruit E liquid Reviews
Thought i'd try vapourzones Cherry mix, it arrived within 2 days of ordering and came very well packed. The boring part over with i can now review the liquid itself so hear go's. Came in a 30ml bottle which had the child-proof cap and was a Hangsen e liquid as stated on the site. First of all i was surprised at the amount of vapor that i got from this PG mix. I thought that because it didnt contain VG, it would be less pronounced on the vapor, but this was'nt the case, it produced tons of vapor. The taste was a candy like cherry, which was pleasantly strong for my taste. To sum it up quickly and accuratly i found myself picking up my Janty stick at frequent intervals, which tells me i was immensly enjoying this vape, and i was, it was very satisfiyng. If you like the taste of cherry, your sure to enjoy this well priced, quickly delivered and quality Hangsen e juice. It's a thumbs up!
  Video Review from Terry on:
Cherry and Hazlenut Coffee
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Vapourzone E liquid reviews
2 E liquids purchased from vapourzone.co.uk. Cherry 16mg Hazlenut coffee 16mg. Not a large vapour producer myself I dont do smoke rings etc etc but I do call em as I see them ....
  Customer Name: Jamie Tedds
 Age: 28
From: London
VapourZone's DK Tab Tobacco E liquid Reviews
"Dk-Tab, Wow! wow! wow! Not much more to say on this e liquid but Wow! Probably 1 of the best tobacco e liquids i've ever tried, its got such a nice flavour, cant compare it to anything really because it is just so dam unique. If you dont enjoy this juice, you can track me down and give me a really hard slap, because i know that anyone who's looking for the most tastiest tobacco vape around, will certainly love this DK-Tab e liquid! And on that note! i'll stake my name on this utterly wicked juice"!
  Name: Lisa Burns
From: Hinkley
Age: 32
VapourZone's Blueberry Fruit E liquid Reviews
"Blueberry flavour e liquid from Vapourzone is utterly delicious. Never been a huge fan of fruit in respect to food, but have to say this was scrummy, will be back very soon to try your strawberry"!
  Customer Name: Sarah Ellis
VapourZone's Butterscotch Forbidden E liquid Reviews
Iv'e always loved butterscotch flavours. I love butterscotch sauce on ice cream the most, but since we are talking about e liquid i will give you my quick views on vapourzones butterscotch e liquid. The flavour is so rich, it reminds me of worthers orginals most, with that creamy and rich taste i love. Also it reminds me off my much loved butterscotch sauce, if anyone wants to taste this its M n S sauce. I love this e liquid so much im going to stock up on it for christmas. Prices are excellent as well, much recommended.
  Customer Name: Rav
From: Leicester
Age: 47
VapourZone's Toffee Forbidden E liquid Reviews
Never really liked toffee e liquid before but thought i'd give it a go because of the decent prices at vapourzone. At first i wasn't sure but after a while I began to love this stuff, dont know whether it grew on me or it had steeped over a few days but now its all i seem to vape. The wife loves it too and has been converted to vaping after 10 years of smoking. I have to recommend this e juice, its very nice. Rav.
  Customer Name: Jemma Baker
From: Norwich
Age: 29
 VapourZone's Raspberry Fruit E liquid Reviews
"A sweet little review for a sweet little juice! This juice was totally Heavenly!  Nice raspberry flavour and not too overpowering, this liquid is a little sweety and i love it"
  Customer Name: Rachel
From: Leeds
Age: 37
VapourZone's Cotton Candy Forbidden E liquid Reviews
Cotton Candy 
"Gave this Cotton Candy e liquid a try from VapourZone and was pleasantly suprised with the taste. Think cotton candy from the fair, think of the sweet moorish flavour of fair candy, and your half way to imagining this juice. What grabs me about this stuff is the level of enjoyment i get every time i vape it. Not for an all day vape, but occastionally, this stuff seriously rocks my world".
  Customer Name: Eric Forster
From: Newcastle upon Tyne
Age: Unknown
VapourZone's Desert ship Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Desert Ship
"I've just got Desert Ship 26mg and I only occasionally vape tobacco e-liquid. This tastes and vapes exceptionaly good. I used a new Hangsen Duel coil Cartomizer that I also purchased from VapourZone and I think Desert Ship is now my new favourite. The taste is mellow but at the same time gives a good throat hit and it's the only liquid I have vaped that has made feel like I've had a good smoke. I used to smoke small cigars and have missed the feeling of a good draw and pleasure of having a smoke but the Desert Ship has given me all that and more. Sometimes when vaping outside I don't get the feeling Ive had a good vape for some reason, but with this along with the dual coil I have found I am enjoying vaping more and more. Thanks again VapourZone for giving us what we have been looking for".
  Customer Name: Casey
From: Wales
Age: 40
VapourZone's HS premium special Tobacco E liquid Reviews
HS Special "Delight"
"Im not one to write long review's never have been, but let me just say that this juice is truly astonashing! The best tobacco vape to date, very real tobacco taste, but a heck of a lot nicer than the real thing, i give this HS special delight e liquid a firm 10/10, spot on"!
  Customer Name: Dermot
From: Belfast, Antrim
Age: Unknown
VapourZone's HS Premium special Tobacco E liquid Reviews
HS Special "Storm"
I just bought a 30ml bottle 18mg strength HS Storm from VapourZone. Its great, a bit like rollie tobacco with a hint of Marlbro, definately one of the stronger e-juices on the market but with a really flavoursome smooth taste. Not cheap & nasty! This is from Hangsens Premium range, vapour production is outstanding & throat hit is really good, even at just 18mg strength. Do yourself a favour and buy this if you like a real (analog) ciggy/rollie. Its really close trust me. Keep up the good work Andy, Jessica , Terry @ VapourZone. Regards, Dermot
  Customer Name: Julie Parsons
From: Evesham
Age: 54
 VapourZone's HS premium special menthol sensation E liquid Reviews
HS Menthol sensation
Hi Vapourzone im a lady of 54, given up smoking and got a real heavy cold at the moment, i just had a toot on your new menthol sensation and all i can say is, it's better than any cold or flue remedy around! as its made me feel loads better. I know its not meant to clear up colds but i have to say its made me feel lots better, the taste and after taste is so cool and refreshing. I only vape menthol so feel i have a mature and sensitive pallet when it comes to menthol flavours, what more can i say, i really do recommend this e liquid, a great potent menthol and at a fantastic price, fabolous!
  Customer Name: Janet powell
From: Swindon
VapourZone's HS premium special Menthol sensation E liquid Reviews
HS Menthol sensation
This is my new Menthol e liquid of choice; it’s cool and strong but not overpowering. Vapour is excellent, throat hit is good and the taste is simply outstanding. This stuff has become very popular of late and I can fully understand why. Great price too! 10/10.
  Customer Name: Andrew
From: Sollihull, west midlands
Age: 44
VapourZone's Red USA Mix Tobacco E liquid Reviews
Red USA Mix
Red USA mix gives a nice flavour, I find it hard to describe tobacco flavours because the flavour is so unique. I can’t say it tastes like a tobacco brand because to be honest I cannot remember there disgusting taste! This e juice was certainly not disgusting though, it had an even-rounded flavour, not to strong like a dekang tobacco I had a few weeks back, B & H I think it was from another vendor, but not weak on taste either, so, well rounded in terms of flavour is accurate I think. One thing I noticed with this juice was the way it felt like a real tobacco on the throat, again not too strong but just enough to feel that I was inhaling a nice potent vape. Again I struggle to find the words to describe this e juice, in fact I have always found it challenging to describe a flavour, especially when it doesn’t resemble anything I’ve tasted before. What I can tell you is, I really like the taste/flavour – very nice indeed, give it a go if you like tobacco vape’s, even though it doesn’t quite taste like tobacco, but rather an unidentified and very palatable flavour, a good juice in my book. 8/10.
  Customer Name: Linsey sidwell
From: Cheshire
Age: 31
VapourZone's Baileys Forbidden E liquid Reviews
Lush Baileys
Couldn’t wait to try this e liquid. Arrived 2 days after ordering at 7.05pm Tuesday, so that was good I thought. I wouldn’t say it’s a spot-on taste of alcoholic baileys, but it was very close! Had a very smooth and creamy flavour, very tasty indeed. To describe, it was like a non-alcoholic baileys, which seals the deal for me I think, much recommended. Good vapour, nice little throat hit from the 16mg strength. Very pleased-and fast response to emails. Thanks to Vapourzone.
 Customer Name: Cheryl
From: Lincolnshire
Age: 29
 VapourZone's Chocolate Forbidden E liquid Reviews
Chocolate E liquid from Vapourzone in 16mg strength. I was so impressed with this e juice, a very mild choccy taste and so accurate. It amazes me how well these juices match the flavour description. Of course all e liquid should in theory match the description, that is a given, but its how well they pull it off that impresses me most. I viewed somewhere on the vapourzone site that the chocolate resembled Nutella, well not quite sure about that, but a chocolate flavour it certainly did taste like. Nutella has a very rich taste, too sickly for my liking by far, so this e liquid being milder but in no way weak was perfect for my taste. Would I recommend? Well yes I would, and yes I have. If you buy this mix, I think anyone who likes the flavour of choccy will certainly enjoy this mix. Fast service to my door also impressed me.
  Customer Name: Rachel
From: Sollihull
VapourZone's Energy Bull E liquid Reviews
 Redbull/ "Energy Bull"
Red bull is a big favourite of mine and I drink it often, and although it makes me hyper as hell, i love the taste. My search led me to many suppliers of red bull e liquid but none apart from dekang left me with any real positive impressions. l was drawn in by VapourZone, by recommendation from a vaping friend who said the juices from this vendor were great and that service was great also.What struck me was how much this tasted like the real thing, ok in a different sort of way, but even the aftertaste was just so realistic. Iv'e started Vaping this "Energy bull" pretty much constantly now and has taken over my all-day tobacco vape. If you like red bull as much as i do, and want an accurate replica in vaping form, then this juice is for you i promise. Taste subjective? not here im afraid, this is a 100% genuine redbull, sorry "energy bull".
  Customer Name: Katy brookfield
From: London
Age: 29
VapourZone's Blueberry Fruit E liquid Reviews
Blueberry Flavour E juice from vapourzone was a true delight, ive never had such a nice flavoured blueberry e liquid, and i have tried perhaps 5 other suppliers too! Such a rich blueberry taste that doesnt lingere in the mouth but just gives a refreshing hit on every level. I have to say i love this juice! Something else that might tempt you is the great price! £7.99 for 30ml with free delivery PLUS a free syringe thingy to fill my carts, ACE!
  Customer Name: Lee staples
Age: 32
From: Cheshire
VapourZone's HS Premium special"Storm" E liquid Reviews
Storm E liquid from VapourZone is a really potent flavour, perhaps the strongest and most flavoursome e liquid iv'e tried to date. As tobacco flavours go i'd say this has a slight menthol tinge to the overall body of the liquid. Personally i love tobacco juices and i have tried many over the years, but this has to be in
my top 5 flavours with the old RY4 been my all time favourite. A thumbs up from me.Lee
  Customer Name: Robert Miller
From: Wakefield
Age: 39
VapourZone's "Gold n Silver" Tobacco E liquid reviews
"Gold n Silver"
Gold n Silver E liquid from VapourZone cost me only £7.99 including delivery so straight away I was impressed. Well Ive vaped 3 e liquids from vapourzone so far and although i wasnt to keen on USA mix I have to say that Gold and silver and Cigar which i bought last week are 2 great tasting tobacco e liquids. Gold and silver had a mellow taste and quite a tobacco'ish taste. Personally i dont go for replica's of real tobacco as ive started to be repulsed by real tobacco smoking and the awful smell it gives off. This e juice however has a sharpness to it, like and a sharp flavour that hits you when you inhale. Ive tried so many e liquids from lots and lots of e cig sellers and although I love some dekang flavours and lots of RY4 this juice is in my top 10 pushing on top 5. Gold and silver is a good tasty juice, and even sweeter for the spankingly good price of £7.99 plus with a free syringe for measuring my liquids. Will buy again without hesitation.
  Customer Name: Eric Forster
Age: Private
From:Newcastle upon Tyne
 VapourZone's "Gold n Silver" Tobacco E liquid reviews
"Gold n Silver"
Gold n Silver I didn't usually vape tobacco liquids until I started using Vapourzone's liquids and now I'm hooked and reviews are getting much harder to write because all the liquids I've tried are really good. I've just tried Gold n Silver 10ml 26mg and wow the taste is very very pleasant and the throat hit is the same as when I was smoking which is what I am after. I get a lovely taste of caramel and tobacco, and the taste doesn't just disappear when you exhale like some liquids and there isn't a horrid smell either. I have been vaping G n S for two full days and now I cannot make up my mind if this is better than Desert Ship and this is probably because they are both very very good indeed and I can't see anyone not liking either of them. I've just purchased 30ml even though I still have some left, simply because It's so well priced and I know I won't get a better G n S anywhere else.
  Customer Name: Henry
From: Ireland
Age: Unknown
VapourZone's Cherry Cigar Forbidden E liquid reviews
Cherry Cigar E liquid
  Tried this Vendor because of the very positive comments being made on various forums. I have now smoked for over 23 years but vape far much than i smoke, plus this is getting less and less by the week. Had a tobacco in mind when i visited Vapourzone but after seeing the large numbers of non-tobacco flavours i thought i'd give something new a try.My choice was now with hindsight a good one, as I purchased the cherry cigar. First thing that struck me was the fast and efficiant delivery, arriving the very next day after ordering at 2.25pm and package arriving by 9.20am the next day...fantastic!! So the juice, well its 30ml and at 16mg. The feel on the inhale was smooth and very tasty! Both flavours were strong and noticeable in there own right! So many times have I purchased a double flavour liquid and never really noticed the 2 individual tastes, however not the case with cherry cigar! Very noticeable flavours, very enjoyable and with a great price-tag. Seen all the above reviews and thought:"Wow thats a lot of positive comments"...But happily here is another - really impressed with this vendor and will certainly be coming back every week at least!
  Customer Name: Laura yelland
From: Sollihull, west mids.
Age: Too old.
VapourZone's Cappachino E liquid review
Cappachinno is a very creamy type juice. In 16mg the flavour is sweet and extreamly creamy. At first I wondered if it was too creamy, almost to creamy for my taste. However after around 2 minutes in, I started to love its richness, and suddenly it became a firm faveourite. Have a go with this juice if you like sweet flavours and a creamy taste.
  Customer Name: Lisa Talbot
From: Fife
Age: Too old (customer quote)
VapourZone's BubbaBubba Gum E liquid review
A review to describe BubbaBubba Gum. A fresh minty taste, that is cool on the inhale. The suprising thing is that, it's the very exact taste I get from chewing Extra gum. If you like menthol like I do, then this juice is going to be for you. Not exactly comparable to menthol, but it does have some similarities. However this is a chewing gum flavour, and not a menthol type cool breeze. An above review says how menthol sensation (another V-Zone juice) has the amazing effect of unblocking stuffy noses, this is sooo true. But im going off-topic. Bubbabubba is lovely, fantasticaly accurate and very mild and very smooth.
  Customer name: Eric Forster (Facebook member)
Location: Tyne and wear
Age: Private
VapourZone's Pinacolada E liquid review 11/07/12
 "I tried the Pinacolada from the Forbidden range and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is. I don't usually vape this type of flavour and was expecting not to like it. I filled a clean Vision cartomizer and I thought wow, this is different but somehow really nice. I have never had a pina Colada dr...ink before so I couldn't compare it, so I took it into work with me and asked a few people to taste it and they said straight away what it was. I spent the rest of the afternoon vaping it and liked the taste the more I vaped. I know there is a pineapple and coconut taste and they come through very nice indeed especially the pineapple. I don't know if I would vape this all day and everyday but it's good for a change,it's not sharp or overpowering but a nice creamy warm taste...I must say I'm surprised I like it,but really glad I do. Now where's the Guinness liquid" lol......Eric
  Customer Name: Paul brooks
Location: Midlands
Age: 47 
VapourZone's 'VeryCherry' E liquid review 22/07/12
Tried Vapourzone ‘VerryCherry’ E liquid after friends had said there liquids were top-notch. Bottles are attractive and the labelling was impressive. The juice was 16mg, and I normally vape 26mg, but since we tend to vape more of the fruit varieties (I think we all do don’t we) I decided that 16mg was a good punt. Well the juice?....Excellent to the point of perfection. There are 2 types of cherry e liquids on the market in my humble opinion, and this turned out to be variety number 2. What I mean by this is: Cherry can either be a very natural almost boring flavour, or one which resembles ‘tunes’ (The sweets). For me this juice is a cracker, very vape-able and very smooth but not at all dull on the throat hit, oh…. and extremely addictive, hence me being happy with the low nicotine mg choice. All-in-all I really enjoyed this juice, so much so that the bottle has now been vaped dry. Another order coming very soon V-Zone. This is a ‘gooden’. Sincerely….Paul.
Name: Pauline Brooks
Age: 'Rather not'
From: Warwickshire
VapourZone's "Winston" E liquid review 17/08/12
"Just received my Winston E liquid from Vapourzone, and although I wanted to let it steep and mature for a few days, I just couldn't wait. This stuff is so good! Used to love (and still do) V-zones gold n silver but this stuff might be my new vape. Dont know, but iv'e been vaping this now for around 8 hours and its looking good time wise, ask my hubby he knows how bored I can get with things, let alone an e liquid (tee hee). Well my personal life aside, this liquid from the v-zone boys is really bringin me some happy days. Thank you!!!!!!
  Name: Clive Jenson
Age: Private
Location: Midlands
Review of Energy Bull E liquid from VapourZone.02/09/12
"Red bull or energy bull (cough cough) from vapourzone was my first purchase, and it was probably the best one iv'e tried to date. Very strong flavour - almost to strong - but spot on for me. Thanks for the great price and fast delivery, I wish you every success.

Great comments thank you Clive.
  Name: Katy Wallis
Age: Unknown
Location: Folkstone
E liquid reviews from VapourZone. 10/09/12
"I just had to write in and say how much i'm enjoying the pinacolada
e liquid. Believe me when i say, it's one of the nicest flavours iv'e had the pleasure to enjoy. I pick up the coconut and the pineapple and that mingles together to produce a sweet tropical flavour.
Pleeeese do this in 50ml or 100ml!!!!
  Name: Cassy H
Age: 29
Location: Harrogate
Vanilla E liquid review.   10/11/12
"I really like vanilla from vapourzone. It has a lovely taste that is spot-on vanilla flavour. Vapour is great and the liquid is seemingly very high quality. I like the attractive bottles too, but I do understand that is a typical lady’s comment".
 Name:  Donna Snow
Age: Private
Location: Lincolnshire
  Pinacolada E liquid review.  13/11/12
"As with most vapers, at first I was an avid tobacco fan, but once I got over this limitation, I ventured into other flavours. Pinacolada was the 3rd liquid from this company, the other two were very nice, but the grape wasn’t for me. The pineapple was AMAZING though, and I’m very happy with this store for all my future e liquids. Another happy bunny it seems"!
  Name: Bert Lucas
Age: 45
Location Birmingham
Chocolate Cherry E liquid review. 04/02/13
"Perhaps one of the nicest liquids I've had to date. Cherry comes through strong and the chocolate flavour is there too. My brother also loves this flavour and has just about raided V-Zones supply".
Really great liquids!
Name: Lance Pewter
Age: 30
Location: New York. USA
Black cherry E liquid review. 15/02/13
"Dude i'm lov'in this dark n rich flavour. Dark rich cherries with a strong and meaningful after taste makes me wanna vape this all day long! I see you have choc-cherry 'n' cherry cigar which excites me. All liquids ive had so far are right on the money for flavour, quality and of course your AWESOME PRICES!!. Next order coming up".
Name: Robin: Johnson
Age: 38
Location: Wolverhampton
Muthatrucker was a winner with vapourzone.co.uk
Fortune strike E liquid review.  25/02/13
"This is the first time I've used and ordered from Vapourzone, and I've been emailing Andy and found him to be a really nice friendly helpful bloke. And now for my review on E liquid. I have been looking for a lucky strike e liquid, and thanks to Vapourzone I have found one in 18mg. If your after a sweet e liquid with a great hit on the back of the throat then this is it. The taste lingers in the back of the throat so you don't need to vape much. In other words you get the satisfaction a real ciggy. At first I wasn't sure but I've now been vaping it all night and i'm hooked. When I first tried it, I found it to be slightly nutty but that soon went and leaves behind a sweet honey taste. I'm not one for honey as i'm sweet enough. Hahaha.... but this really is a nice vape. Its a smooth inhale followed by that honey taste and that ace hit in the throat with plenty of vapour as you exhale. £7.99 for 30ml is a great price for such a quality product, 9 out of 10 score".
  Name: David Ison
From: London
Age: None of your business
RY4 E liquid review  17/03/13
"Gee-wiz.... i've wasted a lot of money on various crappy e liquids. HOWEVER....I have to tell you that your store has brought me much satisfaction, especially with your tobacco range. My favourite is RY4 because of its sweetness and moooorish taste. Some friends say its too sweet but I really love it. In fact i've yet to vape any liquid from you guys that I dislike (except for the sample I received, but that's not in your range now) Sooo im a very happy man, Thank you
  Name: Kerry Goodwin
 From: Southampton
Age: 23
Apple E liquid review   13/05/13
"Hi vapourzone, Kerry here from Southampton. I wanted to write a review for some time but never had the time, what with 3 kids to look after. My review is on your apple fruit flavour e liquid. First off, I love the cute bottles, their very tidy and look the biz. My flavour was in 16mg which suits me fine for a casual vape. Straight away the apple smell is divine, its like sniffing a freshly cut green apple, yes I really love the smell. Thankfully the taste lives up to the divine whiff and boy is it great! To really describe the taste I will say this: Mmmmhhhhhh!!!! and Wooooow!. Corny I know but if you like fruit, if you like apple, this is the liquid for you. I really cannot see anyone not liking this e liquid, and if they don't - I would ask why order an apple e juice. Its that good... Thanks VZ and thank you for making my day a little more enjoyable".
  Name: Ray Shields
From: Hinckley
  Black cherry E liquid review  03/08/13
"Me and the wife ordered off this company on a Thursday just a tick over 2.30pm, we then received the goods the next day at 9.00am. I didn't pay for next day delivery but instead only £1.42!! Vapourzone I don't know how you do it, but keep that up!!. Ok the e liquid came shrink-wrapped as promised and in a very attractive bottle. I had 30ml to start, and the wife ordered a 50ml. The black cherry flavour ive had before from another company and it was very nice, been using it for months, but after I read a review online for vapourzones Black cherry e liquid I decided to give it a try. Well.....I wasn't disspaointed at all, it was one of the very best flavours ive tried this far. I don't give credit where its not due, but I felt compelled to write this up so other cherry lovers can experience the zesty fruitness of the juice. It is very strong and noticeable on the pallet, some other juices don't seem to hit the spot in terms of flavour, but this one was very strong and such a joy to inhale every time. Im going to give this e liquid a score of 98/100 and the minus 2 points is only because I didn't buy the 50ml bottle like me wife. Suppose that's my fault, but there it is LOL. Next up is the cherry juice, order coming your way soon, keep it up"!
  Name: George Lucas
Cigar E liquid review 31/01/14
" Bought cigar at the weekend and arrived on Tuesday - very fast! The flavour is amazing, but not really like a harsh cigar, more smooth and mellow. Anyway this is my new tobacco vape, love it"
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