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New website launch coming soon!

Hi everyone, hoping your all well,
Its Andy here from Vapourzone.co.uk and we have now decided that its time for a new look, or a freshen up if you will. This will be achieved by unveiling a brand new website and interface which will be launched in the coming weeks. The new site will hopefully bring the following benefits:
1. New and expanded product ranges (Basically more room to play with).
2. A new and fresh looking site, bringing the joy and spirit of vaping to your own computer.

(Quick tips) - E liquid mixing and base liquids.

E liquid is a wonderful and exciting thing! Creating that perfect flavour after many hours of trial and error is an accomplishment in itself. But why do so many people find it difficult, lets take a closer look at the base liquids (PG and VG).
Many folks get in a sticky mess when it comes to their base ingredients, which is of course the PG and the VG. VG is the thicker of the 2 base liquids and is sweet and gloopy in texture. VG tends to be best suited to fruits and sweeter tasting e liquids, but this isn't a hard and fast rule.

New E liquid labelling

Hi everyone and thanks for catching up on our blog. 
As most of us vapers now know, the potential for draconian rules and regulation is now breathing down the neck of the E-cigarette industry and may threaten our beloved vaping in the future. As we stated previously, regulation is a good thing if done in an even-handed manner. We think its good news that "bathroom mixers" and "shoddy practices" in the e cig industry will get stamped out, after all.

In-house review of the Mega-Twix cartomizer at Vapourzone.co.uk - Review

  THE Mega-Twix cartomizer is now in stock at VapourZone.co.uk
Well the Mega-twix has now arrived, and all of us at vapourzone.co.uk thought it deserved a write up. We've had 1 review already from a loyal customer (Thank you), but now here comes ours.
The Mega-Twix strikes you as a quality bit of kit right from the get-go. The box is attractive with a hexagon shaped packet. With the simple design of packaging these days this was worth mentioning and it is a very nice decorative design.

New E Liquid and cartomizers coming real soon.

A mighty hello from all of us at Vapourzone.co.uk,
Just a quick message to all our loyal customers and newbies alike. We've got some new  E liquid flavours now on-route as well as a revolutionary new cartomizer system. Ok so there are sooo many new systems on the e cig market these days and many get lost in all the hype, but believe me this is a tried and tested winner and a fab way to mix your liquids (I'll say no more).
Stay tuned for the new E liquids and cartomizers that should be with us by Monday (12/08/13).

E cigarette attack, held off for now at least.

Well everyone in the vaping world held their breath last month as the EU and various government bodies teetered on the brink of a decision over our beloved e cigarettes and accessories. The major pharmaceutical and well known tobacco companies can also now re-load and re-group for the up and coming showdown, now scheduled for 2016, or as far as we can tell at least.
The idea of banning or restricting e cigarettes has now become national news, in what is essentially a mixed bag of opinion and speculation.

Becoming VAT registered and moving forward.

Hi everyone and hoping you are well,
Some customers may have noticed some revisions to our prices. This is the result of becoming VAT registered and as you may know is a process growing companies face as time goes by and custom increases. Whilst this process is an unavoidable thing, we will continue and strive to keep prices as low as possible. Therefore we have now introduced our fair pricing policy related to our official postage costs. Please see below our new subsidised rates:

A morale crime in progress.

Well here we all are, enjoying our vaping and keeping healthy to boot. What a shame certain elements within the Government and ..... no-doubt ......"tobacco" industry want us all to suck it up and take to less tasteful habits. As usual there are many factors involved with the possible ban on e cigarettes and its hard to pinpoint the main assassin, but whoever and for whatever reason they want us gone, there sure to make life hard for us leisurely vapers.
Banning e cigarettes is a morale crime.

More E liquid options coming to VapourZone.co.uk

Hi Guy's and gal's!
We've been so busy here just lately that it's been hard to keep customers updated regularly. But we do have some news that we'd like to share.
Firstly our F-Book page seems to be having technical issues and we're trying to resolve this issue asap.
But for good news........We have some more E liquid strength options now on-route allowing for more enjoyment of our range.
This includes:
1. More strength options (including lower mg strengths).

A promise and warm wishes from VapourZone.co.uk

Hello to our regular customers and vapers alike. This year has been awesome in many different ways; first of all we have maintained a growing viable business that is becoming increasingly known for its excellent customer care and dedication to providing rapid delivery and support on all issues concerning vaping. Secondly and arguably the most important part of our business model, is allowing vapers to experience top class products at a fair and reasonable price in times of uncertainty and fear in the UK's slowing economy, which undoubtedly we'll hear more of in the coming months by the powers to be.