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Small talk on e liquids and DIY flavourings

(Quick tips) - E liquid mixing and base liquids.

E liquid is a wonderful and exciting thing! Creating that perfect flavour after many hours of trial and error is an accomplishment in itself. But why do so many people find it difficult, lets take a closer look at the base liquids (PG and VG).
Many folks get in a sticky mess when it comes to their base ingredients, which is of course the PG and the VG. VG is the thicker of the 2 base liquids and is sweet and gloopy in texture. VG tends to be best suited to fruits and sweeter tasting e liquids, but this isn't a hard and fast rule.

For the love of E liquid

A tale of 2 halves - E liquid examined.
Part of the V-Zone wise owl edition.
Here at VapourZone we love E liquids. We taste, trial and review juices almost constantly to bring our customers the very best flavours. However there is one interesting  little tit-bit of information I’d like to share with all E liquid seekers who are increasingly on a journey to find that one particular e juice that hits their long-awaited sweet spot.
 I went through this experience myself many years ago, where I’d constantly be searching for that illusive e liquid flavour.

Tobacco flavourings, and the way there made.

Ok so I’ve tried pretty much all tobacco flavourings on offer now. So a lot of the tobacco flavourings I’ve had (DIY Flavourings by the way) have been pretty varied in flavour, in fact the differences have been dramatic. I’ve always said that just like the food we eat, we can easily define quality e liquid with that of cheaper origins. Cheap e liquid and especially cheap tobacco flavouring can taste very chemically infused, almost like vaping something out of a chemical lab. It’s also the same with fruit flavoured e liquids where the taste can be like sucking on your mother’s popery basket.