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In-house review of the Mega-Twix cartomizer at Vapourzone.co.uk - Review

  THE Mega-Twix cartomizer is now in stock at VapourZone.co.uk
Well the Mega-twix has now arrived, and all of us at vapourzone.co.uk thought it deserved a write up. We've had 1 review already from a loyal customer (Thank you), but now here comes ours.
The Mega-Twix strikes you as a quality bit of kit right from the get-go. The box is attractive with a hexagon shaped packet. With the simple design of packaging these days this was worth mentioning and it is a very nice decorative design.

New E Liquid and cartomizers coming real soon.

A mighty hello from all of us at Vapourzone.co.uk,
Just a quick message to all our loyal customers and newbies alike. We've got some new  E liquid flavours now on-route as well as a revolutionary new cartomizer system. Ok so there are sooo many new systems on the e cig market these days and many get lost in all the hype, but believe me this is a tried and tested winner and a fab way to mix your liquids (I'll say no more).
Stay tuned for the new E liquids and cartomizers that should be with us by Monday (12/08/13).

A morale crime in progress.

Well here we all are, enjoying our vaping and keeping healthy to boot. What a shame certain elements within the Government and ..... no-doubt ......"tobacco" industry want us all to suck it up and take to less tasteful habits. As usual there are many factors involved with the possible ban on e cigarettes and its hard to pinpoint the main assassin, but whoever and for whatever reason they want us gone, there sure to make life hard for us leisurely vapers.
Banning e cigarettes is a morale crime.

VapourZone latest news 17/08/12

Hello again fellow vapers!
VapourZone has now got some new products on-route to our store. These range from new kits (very exciting kits too) accessories, new electronic goodies plus some new cartomizers. These will be hitting our virtual online shelves very soon. Also for those who didn’t receive an email, we now have some awesome new E liquid flavours in stock at VapourZone’s amazingly fair prices. Well, Thank you for reading our short notice and as always….. happy vaping.

New E liquid flavours soon to be unveiled at VapourZone.co.uk.

Hi everyone,
Just a quick notice to all our customers and fellow vapers out there.
Here at VapourZone E cigarettes and Accessories, we're always on the ball in regards to bringing you guy's some of the very best vaping products at the very best prices. As such, we will soon have a new extended selection of Tobacco and fruit E liquid flavours. These will be added to our already impressive selection in the coming weeks.
Well that's all the news from V-Zone right now, but have a good one, and as always 'Happy vaping' from the VapourZone team.

News update for our customers.

Hi Guys, Andy here,
I Hope and trust everyone is well, and a big hello to all my customers. Just a news update for you all, and that is we are now setting up a dedicated phone line that can deal with questions and advice much more quickly and effectively via phone communication. The number will hopefully be up on site Monday or Tuesday latest. Orders however cannot be made via telephone just yet, but this will be sure to follow in the very near future.
All the very best, and as always, happy vaping!

Support the ECCA.

A brief statement from ECCA.
"TheECCA UK, the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association of the United Kingdom, is a non-profit association that exists to protect consumers' rights, to provide correct information about electronic cigarettes, and to represent consumers' interests to the industry".
This is a brief but limited description of the work ECCA do on a volutary basis. It is essential that we get as many people as possible who love vaping to sign up and become a member in order to show their full support of our freedom to vape in the UK.

VapourZones own 30ml and 50ml E liquid Branding labels Coming Soon!

Hi everyone, hope your all well, just a heads up on our decision to make all our 30ml and 50ml E liquid bottles truly our own with a cool looking new label. We decided to swap over to make our brand our own and seal its name into the history books as it were. The labels will remain as they are in terms of directions and regulation compliance but with our company name in purple letters at the top of the bottle. You'll notice the change over gradually over febuary and march and then continually from then on in.

Variable voltage e cig device and more, coming soon!

Hi everyone, hope your all well. So now we've had to wrap up the business for Christmas, but mark my words, we’re ready to get back into the action and provide you all with some more affordable vaping goodies asap.
On another note, VapourZone is now looking to increase its range of accessories and e cigs, as such we will now be stocking a new variable voltage device, Atty foam and mini bullet atomizers to name a few. Stocks will be brought in for constant supply at the beginning of February with a bit of luck, and all at the same competitive prices.

Some new flavour e liquids coming in January!

Hieveryone,thanks for all your replies on the blog, it's going far better than i could of ever dreamed of, and we're very pleased, thank you.
So the latest good news is that we will be adding a few new e liquid additions in January. This was a result of customer's suggestions, and our own desire to offer you all some more delicious flavours. I'll keep the lid on the new flavours for now, but one of them will include the much anticipated "Irish cream" or better known as the bailey's type flavour (copy laws prevents us labelling it as bailey's, and quite rightly so i believe).