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Delicious DIY E liquid Recipes
All our E liquid recipies are intended to be made with our Hangsen E liquid as well as our Fruit, Forbidden and Tobacco flavourings. To get an idea for your specific tastes, be sure to check out our E liquid reviews page. Remember all of our Tobacco flavourings are made by extracting real tobacco essence out of the tobacco leaf itself ensuring these concentrates are of the highest quality and taste.
Tobacco E liquid (USA Mix) Recipe to make 10ml of e liquid at 24mg strength.
Tobacco flavouring (real extract) =3ml.
(VG) Vegetable Glycerin = 2.4ml
52mg PG Nicotine liquid =4.6ml
This recipe is designed for use VapourZone products only, in particular 52mg Nicotine liquid and our DIY Tobacco flavourings.
Fruit E liquid  (Strawberry) Recipe to make 10ml of e liquid at 24mg strength.
Fruit e liquid (Strawberry) flavouring =0.9ml
(VG) - Vegetable Glycerin =2.4ml
(PG) - Propylene Glycol =2.1ml
52mg PG Nicotine liquid = 4.6ml
Recipes are designed for VapourZone's ingredients only.
Specificaly for use with our 52mg Nicotine liquid, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and fruit E liquid flavouring.
 Forbidden E liquid (Toffee) Recipe to make 10ml of e liquid at 24mg strength.
Toffee flavouring =0.8ml
(PG) - Propylene Glycol =2.3ml
(VG) - Vegetable Glycerin =2.3ml 
52mg PG Nicotine liquid =4.6ml
Please note that all Fruit, Forbidden and tobacco flavouring is all required in different proportions with the Forbidden range been more potent in general than our Tobacco flavouring.
Use the recipies as a guide only. All our tastes are different after-all.
Simple Chocolate - Cherry
Simple pre-mix 50/50
Cherry (16mg or 26mg) = 6ml
Chocolate (16mg or 26mg) = 4ml
No need for PG or VG
(VapourZone pre-mixed E juices needed only).
No Nicotine liquid, No PG or VG just simply mix together our 2 Hangsen E liquid to make the best tasting E juice around.
 Tobacco E liquid but at 0% Nicotine strength.
Makes 10ml of 0% strength.
Tobacco Flavouring = 2.5ml
(PG) Propylene Glycol = 5ml
(VG) Vegetable Glycerine = 2.5ml
Make your favourite E liquid without using VapourZone's Nicotine liquid, this way you can enjoy your flavours without the nicotine. Perfect.
Simple Cherry/Cigar using VapourZone
30ml or 50ml E liquid
VapourZone Pre-mixed Cigar = 3.5ml
Pre-mixed Cherry = 6.5ml
Another easy and delicious VapourZone E liquid concoction, simply mix together our best priced Hangsen E liquid to make a devine Cherry-Cigar E liquid mix.
Energy Bull 10ml (Potent mix) 18mg
3.4ml - 52mg Nicotine liquid
3ml -  PG
2.4 - VG
1.2ml - Energy Bull concentrate.
This is one hell of a potent flavour, but is so accurate and tasty! If your not
100% sure you'll like it, try halfing all the above ingedients and make only
5ml as a small sample batch.
E liquid Mixing Shopping list:
VapourZone PG (Propylene Glycol) Want to know more? - Click Here
VapourZone VG (Vegetable Glycerine)
VapourZone best priced 40mg and 52mg Nicotine liquid)
10ml, 20ml, 30ml Dropper bottles.
Fruit, Forbidden and Tobacco flavouring.
Mixing pipettes
Measuring syringe (Free on orders over £5.00)
Mixing gloves (essential for mixing nicotine liquid)
Sterile wipes (hygiene is very important)
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Top-Tips for DIY E liquid mixing.
  • Mix low quantities, say 5ml for your first mix. You could even mix 2ml if you have precise measuring equipment.
  • What's nice for one person may not always be to your own personal liking.
  • Use quality ingredients only.
  • "Steep" your DIY E liquid (leaving it for at least 24 hours for the flavour to infuse).
  • Write all your mixes/measurements down on paper.
  • Try mixing with pre-mixed liquids.
  • Remember PG tends to bring out more flavour than VG.
  • Use VG to sweeten and to add more vapour.
  • Vg works particularly well with Fruit liquids.
  • Add your base liquids (PG and VG) first, then add your concentrate in small increments to ensure the correct strength is made. Start with say 4% and work your way up. Better to go too low than too high.
  • Experiment! Dont be scared of losing 5ml of liquid, it takes time and practice to get it just right.
  • Mixing is not hard! Try using the E liquid calculators available on the web, in fact dont mix without one unless your following a recipe mix.
  • Finally, have fun, create and experiment, you'll find that perfect mix only by trial and error.
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Happy Mixing and have fun! 
The low-cost and large amounts of E liquid you can make yourself are the main reasons why people mix their own DIY E liquid, it's also fun to experiment with the different levels of additives, and its all very easy. Why not try it for yourself and create something tailored to your own tastes, we're sure you'll not be disappointed, and most importantly of all, have fun.
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